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One of the industry’s fastest growing and most innovative learning technologies on the market invests in building a culture of care in a hybrid work environment.

Docebo has grown from a handful of people with an idea to a team of 700+ innovators across the globe. They strive to make a positive impact by building products that help people during a challenging transition towards a better, technology-driven world. Learning is for everyone, and they believe that we all have something we can learn from each other. 

Docebo partnered with Belong Consultancy to address challenges faced in the hybrid and geographically dispersed environment. They wanted to support their employees and build a sense of community and belonging during times of change. Through collaborative sessions, Belong Consultancy co-created a masterclass to empower leaders and managers in the workplace and develop their inclusive skills to make a genuine impact on workplace culture within the hybrid environment.

The result?

A bespoke masterclass Leading in the Hybrid World of Work for 50 leaders across C-Suite. VP, mid-level, individual contributors, and some members of HR.

Belong Consultancy facilitated a highly interactive virtual session that encouraged participation through lively discussions, experiential learning, and educational activities to make participants aware of the challenges faced, the biases and inequality that can arise in a hybrid environment and provided them with the tools to understand how to build a culture of care and cultivate trust in a hybrid setting.

Docebo continues to use the multimedia learning resources, reflective activities and models shared in a digital workbook that accompanied the masterclass to foster a culture where they take care of one another and learn and grow together.

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