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Wintershall DeaShared Success Stories: Wintershall Dea

Europe’s leading independent natural gas and oil company strengthens its commitment to not only be diverse but to champion workplace inclusion.

Wintershall Dea is continuously expanding its commitment to accelerate diversity, equity, and inclusion. They are leading the way in the energy sector in creating a workplace in which everyone can develop their personality freely and everyone feels they are seen and heard. The Women’s Network at Wintershall Dea helps to support, connect, and empower employees and is instrumental in shaping and amplifying the DEI agenda.

At Belong Consultancy, we know that building a strong company culture starts with treating inclusion like any other business priority by engaging everyone to own the solution. The Women’s Network engaged Belong Consultancy to build a compelling ERG strategy and help mobilise a community of advocates, both men and women, globally at different levels to advance and value the contributions of all women at Wintershall Dea.

The Women’s Network identified individuals who were personally committed to take action to ensure that DEI is lived and practiced at work every day. Belong Consultancy helped to build a custom Champions for Change training program aligned to their new strategic priorities and the wider organisational DEI goals.

The result?

A practical learning series designed to empower change agents within their locations to:

  • Inspire commitment to the women’s network mission and objectives.
  • Use the bespoke resources provided to facilitate conversation circles on topical DEI issues.
  • Amplify internal DEI campaigns.
  • Mentor Women Network members.
  • Raise awareness of new policies, processes and initiatives and how they serve to benefit everyone.

Since its launch, the Women’s Network has made this an annual program with new champions to power the momentum behind women’s inclusion in the workforce. It also complements the strategic development and implementation of Wintershall Dea’s DEI Roadmap.

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