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Custom DEI Training Programs

Custom DEI Training Programs

We co-create DEI learning content that you own and lead.

At Belong Consultancy we know that inclusive cultures enable innovation, creativity, collaboration, higher performance, and healthier workplace cultures. Building a strong company culture starts with values. 

Powered by decades of our global research and in-the-field experience, our world-class DEI solutions can help you build a stronger organisational culture and equip your leaders to work together more effectively. We partner with our clients to create bespoke training content to meet the needs of your people across all levels of the organisation and supercharge equity, diversity, and belonging in your workplace.

At Belong Consultancy we also have a range of customised DEI solutions to advance cultural change within the organisations and enable employees to make inclusion a practice every day.

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Branded DEI training content

We are experts in content creation and our goal is to ensure any DEI training content is owned and led by your organisation.

  • We will build a suite of digital resources including cheat sheets, conversation guides and action cards branded with your organisation’s logo and tailored to meet your company’s messaging.
  • All training content is also available in video and digital format, fully compatible with your learning platform.

Organisations that have more inclusive cultures are more likely to have improved innovation, creativity, performance, agility and financial success:

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as likely to meet or exceed financial targets
0 x
as likely to be high-performing
0 x
as likely to be innovative and agile
0 x
more likely to achieve better business outcomes

Source: Juliet Bourke, Which Two Heads Are Better Than One? How Diverse Teams Create Breakthrough ideas...

Train the Trainer

We offer a Train-the-Trainer program whereby we develop human resource teams and managers to deliver the program in its entirety. In our training sessions, participants learn an array of training techniques, best practices, and activities to promote peer-to-peer learning and optimise retention.

Our Train-the-Trainer model expands your organisation’s training capacity and can be tailored to meet your individual needs and budget. This includes the acquisition of the program and training to enable you to deliver the program across your wider organisation. These sessions are developed in partnership with the organisation we are delivering the program to.

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See how we’ve helped global clients drive transformational change through customised DEI solutions.

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