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DEI Development Programs for Human Resources

DEI Development Programs for Human Resources

We create an inclusive workplace culture to attract and retain talent.

The Inclusion for Human Resources development series is a five-part workshop series developed for Human Resource professionals. The series will equip participants with the tools to create an inclusive experience for all employees and enable difference across each stage of the employee life cycle.


Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has become a top priority for HR professionals; but only 38% of organisations have a DEI strategy in place.

(HR Trends Report, McLean & Company, 2021)

The Role of HR

Workshop 1: The Role of HR

The first workshop introduces the role of human resources in building a workplace that works for everyone. It will enhance awareness and understanding of how human resources can support and advise leaders and employees to reinforce a values-based culture across the employee life cycle.

Workshop 2

Workshop 2: Attraction and Selection

The second workshop will unpack how inequality shows up when attracting and selecting diverse talent. The aim is to hold space to reflect and review how policies, processes and practices may create barriers to hiring inclusively.

Onboarding and Development

Workshop 3 Onboarding and Development

The third workshop will focus on how to make the onboarding and development process inclusive to ensure that all new employees feel included, valued, respected and ready to contribute.

Advancement and Remuneration

Workshop 4: Advancement and Remuneration

The fourth workshop focuses on how to ensure policies and processes are applied consistently to make the advancement process inclusive for all employees. Participants are also introduced to how inequity can show up when recognising employees and how to enrol difference in decisions around flexibility, compensation, and benefits.

Coaching for Inclusion

Workshop 5: Coaching for Inclusion

The final workshop will equip participants with the key coaching concepts and tools to effectively support and engage leaders to advance a culture that values difference.

Empowering human resource professionals

Organisations must create an inclusive workplace culture to attract and retain talent that fosters a sense of belonging, meaningful employee experiences, and connection across the organisation.

The Inclusion for Human Resources development series is designed to empower human resource professionals with the tools, research, content, and knowledge to put DEI at the heart of everything they do. When Human Resource professionals know how to influence policies, processes and practices that shape their employees’ lived experiences and ensure they are inclusive, it evolves from isolated moments to a fundamental way of working.

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