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DEI Strategy Development

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DEI Strategy Development

We build industry-leading DEI strategies to help drive long-term change and create a lasting competitive advantage.

Companies are spending more than ever on diversity and inclusion initiatives, but they’re still failing to create environments that value difference.

Promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace is an important aspect of good people management – it’s about valuing everyone in the organisation as an individual. However, to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce it’s vital to have an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their potential. We partner with our clients to push the DEI agenda at the highest levels of the organization, build a long-term strategy, propose new approaches to address workplace behaviour, and measure progress.

Creating a culture that truly values difference is not a ‘nice to have’ – it is a fundamental business imperative.

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When businesses create a culture that fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion it results in a:

increase in job performance
drop in turnover risk
reduction in sick days

For a 1,000-person company, this translates to an annual saving of more than $5M; for a 10,000-person company, it’s more than $50M - according to a 2019 Harvard Business Review study.

We draw on leading research, employee insights on the current state and your specific business case for DEI to build a unique strategy to inspire commitment, build a culture that values difference and create a lasting competitive advantage. We support clients to establish sustainable DEI goals and propose a roadmap for how to achieve your priorities.

We do not promote an ‘all at once’ approach but instead collaborate through an iterative and progressive one that fits to the different maturity levels of the organisation (and its leaders).

When organizations partner with us to operationalize their diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy we will:

1 Conduct interviews to understand the current state of inclusion and use this to measure, benchmark, and report on progress.

2 Realise the benefits of a diverse workforce by embedding inclusion into work practices, behaviours and values ensuring accountability throughout the organisation.

3 Embed inclusion into organisational values and enable accountability at the individual level.

4 Provide leaders with a current state assessment, detailed report and presentation with implementation timeline and measurement recommendations.

5 Use inclusive mainstreaming principles to evolve the policies, processes and practices to foster a more inclusive culture.

Communication is essential at every stage of the DEI strategy implementation process. At Belong Consultancy our media team can support your organisation by creating amazing video, digital and audio content featuring your leaders, employees, and external experts to bring your strategy to life.

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